How to Beat Your Insurance Company

Any Idea What You've Paid Out For Your Insurance?

 In his latest very readable ( and very funny ) book, best-selling author and insurance insider Jeff Arnold leads you through many different insurance scenarios.

In the end, you’ll close the book understanding How to Beat Your Insurance Company.

 The Surprising Truth Behind the Jaw-Dropping Cost of Insurance!

 If you do the math, you’ll discover that your total cost of insurance (auto, home, health, life, umbrella, pet)  is astronomical – often $20,000 a year or more!

 If you’re rich, maybe it’s fine. But, if you’d like to keep some of that money, listen up.

By learning some insider tricks, you can easily slash your insurance bill.

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 “How to Beat Your Insurance Company.”

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Hi! I'm Jeff Arnold

Best Selling Author, Consumer Advocate and Industry Insider for 30 years.

Most People never pause to consider how much they are paying for all types of insurance.

Once they do, they quickly learn it is a staggering amount.

When they are ready to address this, they call my firm or get my books and learn the exact tips and tricks needed to beat your insurance company.

Insurance is an amazing invention.

In a world where bad things happen, you get to protect against personal, property, and financial ruin.

But when you’re paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, you need answers to these questions:

  • Why you need a particular insurance policy?
  • From whence it came and why you need it Page 11
  • ​How Insurance REALLY Works Page 20
  • Who bought the first US Auto Policy and When Page 41
  • ​What specific policies (or specific coverage) you need right now?
  •  When to get the kids on their own auto policy Page 90
  • ​How much financial (or medical) coverage you actually need?
  • ​Whether you may need a particular policy at all?
  • ​When Do-Gooding comes back to haunt you Page 147 

Jeff Arnold tackles all the many different kinds of insurance available, and then offers up his insider tips to get the best deal.

 He dishes secrets so you can spend less and get much better coverage.

He even gives you tips on how to negotiate with your agent and agency.

Let’s face it: You need insurance. But getting the right policies with the right coverage at the right price for your lifestyle is key.

In this very readable (and very funny) book, best-selling author and insurance insider Jeff Arnold leads you through life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, annuities, and so much more.

When you finish this book - you will know...

How to Beat Your Insurance Company.

Just A Few Of The Book's 5-Star Amazon Reviews...

This book is fantastic for a wide audience. This is an easy book to read through, and an even easier book to skim through. The writing is clear and concise in a conversational tone, never lecturing. The layout is super easy to follow with short pieces and clear subheadings. The editing is superb. While there aren’t any clarifying pictures, there isn’t any confusion because the author is able to teach and demonstrate all the information in a conversational style.
~ Rachel Roy
This book is extremely informative. It breaks down everything thoroughly, in a way readers can really understand. The author goes over everything in detail from the more broad topics such as homeowners insurance and life insurance, as well as things many people don't really think about on a day to day basis. I learned a great deal from this book. I highly recommend it!
~ Amazon Customer
I could never comprehend my policies due to technicalities. This book is easy to read and great for layman like me. Gives a great insight for anyone who would like to know more about insurance.
~ Pammy
Written to be understood by the professional as well as the layman. Good stuff!
~ Dave

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